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When You've Healed Yourself, Go Out & Help Others Heal

Review By Kate S.

I have been dealing with GI issues my entire life and more recently I discovered that I have thyroid nodules. Thankfully my condition is benign, but it hasn’t gotten better as the years have passed, in fact I have more inflammation in my neck region which I know puts me at a higher risk for additional issues. 

I have been bounced from doctor to doctor with no real resolution or understanding of what is happening in my body.  My concerns have been dismissed by many physicians, as if they are the ones living in my body 24/7/365 and can tell me how I feel…I don’t think so. 

Being in the health field, I am very focused on prevention and addressing the root cause of an issue rather than waiting for a worse condition.

Becoming fed up with the status quo, I found Mindful Thyroid and reached out to Kristina and it was a breath of fresh air! To speak to someone who can relate, who has been through the same challenges and who is knowledgeable was so refreshing.

Kristina really listened to my health concerns and gave me some very helpful tips and tools to work with.

As I suspected from my research, she confirmed that many of my concerns can be interrelated due to hormone imbalances, gut health and the connection to the thyroid. If you are going through the same frustrating obstacles and have concerns in relation to your thyroid I would recommend reaching out to and working with Kristina.

Review By Carissa A.

Kristina is great! I’m a type A New Yorker and she really supported me to slow down and achieve my goals with small consistent actions. I never thought I could achieve them by working less and not working so hard. She got me to take more breaks, reduce caffeine and write more, which is something that doesn’t come easily to me. I’m amazed that my body looks its best and I’m doing less, resting and enjoying more.

Her nutritional guidance, emotional support and coaching definitely helped to restore my energy levels.

Better energy and feeling better physically also resulted in having the ability to see my first music release to fruition! I would describe Kristina as a good listener, empathetic and goal oriented. I recommend her to anyone in need of a wellness boost and definitely anyone who has Hashimoto’s. 

Review By Aami M.

Having recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and knowing very little about it, Kristina has been an amazing support allowing me to find some normalcy and helping me work through a lot of my emotions. 

Hearing about an autoimmune disease can be scary, but with her guidance and constant checkups I find it more and more manageable. 

Finding a Health Coach that can empathize with you based on their experience is rare. Thanks, Kristina!

Review By Angelika I.

Kristina is a very compassionate individual and has been very encouraging to talk to during my health journey. She is very passionate about health and wellness and has been a helpful sounding board as I’ve been navigating the maze of information out there. 

From her own years of working on healing her body, she has gained a strong understanding of gut and thyroid health and is genuinely motivated to help others on their healing journey.

Kristina’s empathetic and kind nature and her 15+ years of personal experience dealing with thyroid and gut issues, as well as achieving great milestones in her own healing journey, make her a knowledgeable and supportive Health Coach.

Additional Reviews

Kristina has been extremely helpful to me since I met her on Instagram. She has given me many helpful recommendations and tips having to do with Hashimoto’s, Gut Health and Adrenal Health. She recommended a bunch of health and lifestyle tips for me, to help with my adrenal fatigue, and I’ve found them extremely helpful. 

She has a ton of knowledge about these topics and would be an amazing Health Coach or mentor to anyone looking to live a healthier life. 


The healing guides have been very helpful to me, full of great information and interactive activities. I noticed improvement in my digestion when I started using some of the tips from the Eating Mindfully Guide

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