Health Coaching Program

Create Your Healthy Life

We’ll explore the areas of nutrition, health & wellness to find what truly works for you. As your Health Coach I carefully listen and ask meaningful questions to keep you moving forward.  With my guidance, accountability and motivation you’ll accomplish your goals.

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Personalized Coaching Partnership

My health coaching programs are personalized to your goals. You'll develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices to improve your energy, balance, health & happiness. We'll explore all facets of your life including career, exercise, self esteem and spirituality to help bring balance to these areas.

- Program Benefits -

Personalized 50 min sessions

We'll discuss your unique goals and needs

Sustainable lifestyle habits

I'll guide you to make simple, small changes

Nutrition to heal your gut

We'll build a healthy diet for your lifestyle

Reduce Hashimoto's symptoms

Gain energy & reduce brain fog and anxiety

Custom handouts & activities

Practical health tips and exercises

Emotional counseling

We'll build a positive healing mindset

- How It Works -

Together We Will

  • Create a vision for your well-being
  • Build your personal healing diet
  • Set your goals & work towards change
  • Minimize emotional stress
  • Reduce Hashimoto's symptoms
  • Create balance in your life
  • Align your mind & body for healing

You Will Receive

  • Two 50 min Zoom video sessions a month
  • 1-3 recommendations per session
  • Text support between sessions
  • Mindful Thyroid journal & pen
  • Simple, healthy recipes & handouts
  • Monthly newsletter
  • 30% discount on all Healing Guides
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