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Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine

Featured Writer – June, 2021 – May, 2022
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Luminous Wisdom Sophia selects 25 women each year to be featured writers in their online global magazine. Sibella Publications is committed to women’s personal growth, spiritual awareness, healing and authentic living.

Paloma Health Online Medical Practice

Guest Speaker – November, 2020
Thyroid Health Through The Holidays
Guest Blog Writer & Featured Recipes
How to Build Better Habits to Stick to Your Diet
10 Tips for Success on the AIP Diet
Featured Recipes in the Paloma Health App

Paloma Health is the first online medical practice focused on hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. They provide thyroid testing, virtual doctor appointments and educational content for hypothyroid patients.

The Wellness Lifestyle Conference

Guest Speaker – December, 2020
The Benefits Of Eating Mindfully 
The Wellness Lifestyle Conference is a monthly global online conference that aims to inspire and uplift viewers in the topics of human behavior, spirituality, self-help, lifestyle and coaching.
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