5 Best Apps for Thyroid Health

5 Best Apps for Thyroid Health

Eat healthy, detox and unwind with my 5 favorite apps.

There are so many healthy living apps, but these are worth mentioning to help you take charge of your thyroid health. Healthy living isn’t just about eating a nutrient rich diet (that’s really important though), we also need to manage stress, get daily movement and reduce toxins coming into the body whenever possible. These are my go-to apps to help accomplish those goals. 


Paloma Health

Paloma Health

The Paloma Health App is designed specifically for those with Hashimoto’s to guide you through a 12 week AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet. Weekly modules help pace you through the educational content so you know what to eat, but also why it’s recommended. Search for healthy recipes (try some of Mindful Thyroid’s recipes in the app), educational articles, and track your thyroid symptoms and medication dosages all within this helpful and well designed app. Download App

Environmental Working Group

The EWG App will help you detox your life. Search for non-toxic cleaning products, personal care items, cosmetics and sunscreens. You can also search through their food section to find foods that are rated less toxic and more toxic to help you make informed decisions at the store. 

Even better, you can scan an item’s barcode at the store and if it’s in their database you’ll see the item’s rating. Color coded rating scales of green (low hazard), yellow and red (high hazard) make it easy to understand. You’ll also find the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen lists with the most and least pesticide contaminated produce to help you make better food choices. Download App


Find Me Gluten Free

Find Me Gluten Free

When you’re out and about, use this handy app to find restaurants that serve gluten free meals. This is great if you’re traveling too to help find gluten free places to stop and eat at. Eating gluten free can really help reduce the inflammation process with Hashimoto’s. This app makes eating out and finding restaurants so much easier. You can even read others’ reviews to see if it’s worth checking out the restaurant.  Download App


CalmCalm & Calm Radio

We could all use a little more calm in our life – enter the Calm app! Fall asleep easier at night with bedtime stories, unwind during the day with meditations and beautiful scenic images. You can even listen to curated relaxing music with the Calm Radio App. When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed take a few minutes and listen to a guided meditation. Just taking a few minutes of your day to slow down and relax is really helpful to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone.  Download App


Think Dirty - Shop CleanThink Dirty

Are you ready to overhaul your cosmetics and personal hygiene products? I hope you said yes because those are some of the worst offenders for toxic ingredients and hormone disrupting chemicals that get absorbed into the skin. Scan your current products to see the toxic rating and learn what the ingredients really mean. Search through thousands of products and different categories to find less toxic and more natural skincare products. 

If you can’t change out everything all at once, start with just replacing body lotions (covers most of the body) and lipstick/lipgloss (we end up ingesting some of it). As you run out of products, use this app to help you find healthier alternatives.  Download App

Kristina Cegla


Kristina Cegla, INHC
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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