5 Ways To Reduce Sugar During The Holidays

5 Ways To Reduce Sugar During The Holidays

Enjoy the holidays while crushing your sugar cravings.

With all of the holiday parties and abundant treats it can feel difficult trying to stick to a healing diet or reduce your sugar cravings. I’ll help you navigate candy land this month with practical tips to reduce sugar and low sugar options to enjoy instead.


5 Tips For Holiday Parties

  1. Eat before the party - You're less likely to indulge in sweet treats if you eat a healthy meal at home before attending the party. Include protein, healthy fat and fiber (veggies!) to keep you satiated. It's a lot easier to resist candy, cookies and treats on a full stomach.

  2. Bring a dish to share - Make a meal or dessert you enjoy that you can share at the party. That way you know the ingredients and amount of sugar used. If you're gluten free and/or dairy free this is helpful so that you don't have to worry about whether there is something safe for you to eat at the party.

  3. Eat sweet treats mindfully - If you're going to indulge in sugary treats, have one or two and eat mindfully. This means sitting down and being present with the treat and chewing slowly to really savor the taste. It helps to place the treat on a plate or napkin so that you can visually see what you're eating and the quantity - rather than grabbing handfuls of candy, chips, popcorn, etc.

  4. Fill a wine glass with water - If you drink wine, stick to one glass and then refill the wine glass with water. Or forego the wine (which can quickly become a large source of sugar for the night) and stick to water. I like to put water in a wine glass to feel festive and part of the party without the alcohol and added sugar calories.

  5. Have a backup treat - If you made it through the party without indulging in sugary treats, you may want something sweet when you get home. Have a low sugar option available to you for when sugar cravings hit. I like to have 1 or 2 maraschino cherries from Tillen Farms for a burst of sweetness when cravings hit. Simple, sweet and readily available to crush that craving.




Smart Sugar Swaps

If you’re baking during the holidays here are a few simple swaps you can make to reduce your sugar intake.


What has helped you to reduce sugar during the holidays? Share in the comments.


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